Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

iPhone SE 2020 Review: Enhanced Performance for Less Price!

The newly released iPhone SE 2020 from Apple could get over the trade-off between quality and price. iPhone SE 2020 achieves outstanding performance with its A13 Bionic processor besides high camera capabilities meanwhile being on the same budget of Android-based mobile phones. Find out the best iPhone SE 2020 prices from Matwaffar here.

Utilizing the same classic design of iPhone 8 released 3 years ago but with replacing the 3-year-old processor with the newly released A13 Bionic processor that is used in all iPhone 11 versions. This definitely goes beyond being just a brain transplant for iPhone 8, yet new features and specs have been introduced. The improvements in the iPhone SE 2020 range from wireless charging, water resistance to enhanced camera and battery performance.

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

iPhone SE review: Design and Water Resistance

From the design perspective, the new SE iPhone is mimicking the design of the iPhone 8 with the front and the back being fabricated from glass, the sides and chassis are Aluminum. The only noticeable difference between iPhone 8 and the new SE iPhone is that the Apple logo is centered on the back of the SE iPhone to be matching with the current iPhone generations. The new iPhone may look dated for some people as it still has the forehead and chin bezels. The new iPhone SE 2020 has been released into three colors; black, white, and red. 

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

The new SE iPhone got rated IP67 which means that it is able to withstand being 30 minutes submerged in water within no more than 1-meter depth. The dust and water resistance features in the SE iPhone are noteworthy as you cannot easily such features in phones on the same budget.

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

Processor and Performance

As mentioned above, using the latest A13 Bionic processors in iPhone SE gives it outstanding performance and fast response very much comparable to the performance of iPhone 11. Referring to Geekbench 5 benchmark, which is used to measure the overall performance, iPhone SE was able to score 3,226 and 1,337 on the multi- and single-core tests respectively, the scores are much close to iPhone 11 scores which are 3,251 and 1,331. Moreover, it was able to excel Samsung Galaxy S20 which showed 3,147 and 867 and it is in a higher price category than iPhone SE. Find the best prices of Samsung Galaxy S20 here.

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

Charging and Battery Life 

You should not expect that its battery will excel or be comparable to the one in iPhone 11. It was clearly stated by Apple that iPhone SE can deliver up to 13 hours of continuous video playback versus up to 17 hours for iPhone 11.  Comparing it to an iPhone 11 Pro Max with the same activities conducted on both starting being fully charged for both, and after 13 hours, iPhone SE had 20% battery left while the iPhone 11 pro max showed 39%. Apple provides 18W chargers which are able to raise the battery to 50% in just 30 minutes, but this charger does not come with the phone and you have to pay extra for it, you also have the option to buy a wireless charger that fits to charge the iPhone SE as it supports the 7.5 Watt wireless chargers and the Oi standard. Check the best charger prices on Matwaffar here

iPhone SE review: Display Screen 

As some people may get disappointed because of the 4.7 – inch display screen, but those who prefer small screens or can sacrifice the screen size for other premium features will not have an issue in this regard.

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

iPhone SE 2020 has a screen display resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels, its screen is bright enough not to have any issue viewing it outdoors, not to mention, it supports True Tone feature which is able to automatically adjust the screen brightness and colors based upon the lighting conditions.  Based on some test results, the display of iPhone SE 2020 was able to reproduce around 111.2 % of the sRGB gamut. Moreover, it scored 0.2 in the Delta-E score which is very close to the value Google Pixel 3A achieved, 0.18 (zero is the perfect value).

Apple Iphone SE 2020 review

Cameras – Photo and Video Capabilities

Same as implemented in iPhone 8, the new iPhone SE has a single 12 MP rear camera with a 28 mm f1.8 lens along with a 7 MP frontal camera. Unfortunately, the phone does not have the ultra-wide-angle lens implemented in iPhone 11 nor the telephoto lens in the Pro version, yet with the aid of the A13 Bionic processor and the iOS13, the camera performance is much boosted in several ways. For instance, you are able to capture portrait images using the front and back cameras with complete portrait lighting effects with the capability of adjusting the depth of field (DOF). Also, the face highlights are brought out by making use of the smart HDR feature. One drawback of the phone camera is that it does not support night mode. Regarding the video, it is able to shoot 4K 60fps videos with extended dynamic range up to 4K 30fps.  Check the best price deals for best camera phones from Matwaffar here.

Matwaffar Cheat Sheet: Buy or Bye?

To sum up, nothing is perfect and there will always be a trade-off. The advantages and drawbacks of iPhone SE 2020 are summarized below:


  • High-Performance Processor: With A13 Bionic processor, the phone shows smooth performance and fast response.
  • Cameras: The A13 processor along with the iOS 13 boost the photography capabilities of the phone with portrait mode in both the front and back cameras. Also, it provides the Smart HDR feature for detail highlighting. As for videos, it can shoot 4K 60fps videos with extended dynamic range up to 4K 30fps.
  • Body Fabrication: While various premium phones are fabricated from plastics, iPhone SE is fabricated from Aluminum and glass with water and dust resistance features.
  • Handleable: Small mobile phone fans will like the compact design of the SE iPhone. Moreover, some people prefer the touch ID button over face ID.
  • Affordable Price: Find the best price deals for the new SE iPhone here.


  • Size and Big Bezels: The bezels make it look dated and some may consider the 4.7-inch screen tiny.
  • Cameras: No night mode.

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